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 Dragon Quest IX [NDS]

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Dragon Quest IX [NDS] Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Quest IX [NDS]   Dragon Quest IX [NDS] EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 2:42 pm

Dragon Quest is an NDSi Game

Age: ALL

Dragon Quest is a game made by Square Enix (company who makes FF games).
and unlike the previous Dragon Quest games
in this one the graphics are much more enhanced
and the equipments whether its clothing/armor and weapons will change the look of your character

and you can make your own characters in your party and such, e.g. change height, hair and eye color, gender and etc.

and yes, you can make a character and have her wear maid uniform (when you get armor), bikini (when you get it), cat outfit and etc. etc. etc.

The story follows that you are a Celestrian (Angel~)
and you were to watch over a small village and collect Benevolence (people's prayers)
for the time the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil will bare fruits known as Ygg (which will be the time that celestrians can go to the Realm of Almighty [Heaven])

many events happens and your character loses his/her wings and halo
but is still not 100% human yet and you go on an adventure which links to the story and there are hundreds of miniquests and etc.

Even after game finish, theres still many stuff to do :o
and Many more secret bosses waiting....

I Actually like the Concept of the game
and wish they make another game like this

something where armor and weapons are shown :P
(e.g. Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology)

does anyone else play Dragon Quest IX?
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Quest IX [NDS]   Dragon Quest IX [NDS] EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 9:54 am

IDWS thread

色に出でにけり わが恋はDragon Quest IX [NDS] NA_fly
Dragon Quest IX [NDS] SiggyINCrio
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Dragon Quest IX [NDS]
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